Cloud Applications


Our managed email service provides real-time synchronisation across all platforms including desktop, laptop, tablet and phone, you will never miss an important email – even if you don’t have access to your device, our web portal allows you access wherever you are and is  fully equipped to protect your business from harm.



Our clients benefit from using the BOSCA Secure File Share Service. This allows you to store, access and share files online with absolute security across all your devices on-site and off-site and even between internal and external parties.


We offer a one-stop solution for seamless Wi-Fi access across your company. We install, manage, monitor and configure your Wi-Fi leaving you free to focus on your business.

Tailored to your needs, we offer multiple wireless networks for optimal performance and will monitor and manage your connection speeds and bandwidth. We can also provide user monitoring services allowing you to identify excessive or abusive Wi-Fi use and shut off access to these users.

Through our own built and controlled IT services, you can rest assured your data is safe and secure, while you can have access to it anywhere, anytime.


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