How To Grow Your Business Remaining Cyber Secure 

Ensuring your business is cyber secure is more important now than ever in order to grow your business. Since the start of the global pandemic we’ve been facing, we have seen a significant rise in cyber-attacks. Ensuring that you’re aware of the threats and the best practices to put in place is crucial! SMB tends to think “my business is too small to be hit”, however, this is certainly not the case! Make sure you take on board these practices and remain cyber secure before it’s too late!  

  • Passwords 
  • Two-factor Authentication 
  • Limit access to Data 
  • Security Awareness Training 
  • Anti-virus Protection and Firewall 
  • Keep your software up to date 
  • Back-Up Data 


It’s super important to ensure you have a strong and unique password. You don’t want to use a password that is easy to crack such as name, place of birth, or anything related to you that someone could know. Use a mix of capitals, numbers, and symbols, this will make it more difficult for someone to access your account. In addition to this, you want to ensure that all your passwords are different as they won’t be able to access all your accounts in the case of an attack. Another way to stay cyber secure is by changing your passwords every now and then.   

Where should I store my passwords? You don’t want to note down all your passwords in obvious and unsecure places. Having a password manager is a great and safe way to store all your passwords for your accounts. You can’t exactly remember all your passwords just by storing them in your brain.   

Two-factor Authentication 

Having a strong and unique password is crucial, however in order to make it harder for hackers to attack, you should implement second layer protection. Two-factor authentications is an additional way to have further protection for your accounts. Examples of this are finger print, a code, or another password. By doing this, it will decrease the chances of hackers entering your accounts. The more protection you have for your accounts, the better!   

Limit access to Data 

You don’t want anyone and everyone in your business having access to confidential data. 68% of organisations confirm insider attacks are becoming more frequent. An insider threat is a malicious threat to a business that comes from an employee. In order to reduce the chances of an insider threat, it’s advised to limit the access to confidential data.  

Security Awareness Training 

Security awareness it’s crucial as you want everyone to be aware of the businesses cybersecurity policies and be aware of the different cyber threats. Time is of the essence during a cyber threat so it’s important to recognise an early sign of a breach. This will reduce the chances of an incident and something disastrous happening. Make sure your staff undertakes training regularly!  

Anti-virus Protection and Firewall 

Do I need both anti-virus protection and firewall? Yes! Whenever you’re dealing with confidential data, you must install anti-virus software. Anti-virus programs help prevent viruses and spyware from infecting your computer. If you haven’t already, make sure you install one. In addition to this, a firewall keeps destructive forces out and controls all traffic on your device. You can completely prevent unauthorised access to your computers and network which protects your data from being compromised.  

Keep your software up to date 

Software updates are crucial as they include critical patches to security holes. They improve current issues within your device to make them more secure, so make sure you always update your software! Many of the most disastrous attacks we’ve seen are due to hackers taking advantage of software vulnerabilities. In addition, software updates can result in you having a better, faster, more efficient experience.  

Back-Up Data 

No matter the size of your business, always, always, always back up your data! You never know what could happen whether there’s a human error, or technical error, or a breach. Make sure you back up your data regularly to ensure you don’t lose it in case of a disaster.  


Cybersecurity isn’t something that should be forgotten about in your business. In order to effectively grow your business, you don’t want to be knocked down by a cyber threat that can easily be avoided. By implementing all of these practices to your business, it will ensure that you’re cyber secure and will decrease the chances of a breach or cyber threat.  Get in touch with a team member today to see how we can keep your business safe and secure!



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