Everything You Must Know About Scams This Festive Period! 

With Christmas just around the corner and festive shopping starting to begin, it’s vital to be aware of online scams and how to remain safe! Throughout the past year, we’ve seen a drastic increase in phishing scams, therefore it’s never been so important. With more and more people shopping online over the holiday period, hackers are working hard to catch out as many Christmas shoppers as possible! Let’s jump into everything you MUST know about scams! 

What exactly are phishing scams?  

Phishing is a type of social engineering where an attacker sends a fraudulent message designed to trick a human victim into revealing sensitive information to the attacker or to deploy malicious software on the victim’s infrastructure like ransomware 

Must know stats! 

Did you know that more than 80% of reported cyberattacks are phishing scams? Phishing attempts have increased by more than 660% since March 1, 2020 and roughly, 3.4 billion fake emails are sent per day. This is a huge amount! The top three types of data that are compromised in a phishing attack are: Credentials (passwords, usernames, pin numbers), Personal data (name, address, email address), Medical (treatment information, insurance claims) 

How can you spot a phishing email? 

Hackers may be sneaky but they tend to leave plenty of obvious clues! In order to tell if you have received a phishing email, you can check the spelling and grammar. They tend to leave plenty of mistakes, which big companies would never do! In addition to this, you can check their email address as this tends to consist of random numbers and letters. Another way to tell if it’s a scam is if it’s creating urgency. Hackers will create as much urgency so the receiver will have no time to think and give away their details quickly. As well as this, they will attach files which could contain a malicious URL or trojan. 

Learn more on how to spot a phishing email here. 

What must I do if I fall for a phishing scam? 

If you’ve fallen for a phishing scam, it’s important to take the following steps! 

Firstly, you must report the scam to the authorities. Explain exactly what happened to the companies involved such as your bank. Once you’ve done this, use an antivirus solution to scan your system to detect any viruses and remove any suspicious files. Be sure to update your passwords. It’s important to change all your online account passwords to prevent any other breaches from happening. If you haven’t already, ensure you have a backup of any important files. Lastly, learn from your mistake! Keep up to date on scams, update your systems regularly and practice good cyber hygiene to ensure this never happens again! 


Don’t fall victim to a phishing scam this festive period! Take on board this valuable information and shop safely this Christmas! For further guidance on what you can do to remain cyber secure, get in touch with our expert team today! Through our own built and controlled IT services, you can rest assured your data is safe and secure, while you can have access to it anywhere, anytime.  


Through our own built and controlled IT services, you can rest assured your data is safe and secure, while you can have access to it anywhere, anytime.


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