Tips To Improve Your Password Security 

Are you staying safe online? 81% of company data breaches are due to poor password hygiene! Staying safe online starts with password security! Passwords are a necessity for almost everything we do online from email log-ins, to online banking, to doing your weekly food delivery. Password security has never been more important. 

More often than not, people use the same password for different websites as they can be difficult to remember! This makes you more vulnerable to hackers, especially if you are using personal information as part of your password which is easily identifiable e.g., dates of births, family names, and nicknames, etc. How strong is your password security? Here are some top tips to improve your password security… 

Strong & unique passwords 

To create a highly secure password, use a phrase that is unrelated to yourself. Use a mixture of upper and lower-case letters with numbers and special characters. This will make your password harder to crack and identifiable. Never use the same password on each account, make sure your accounts are not in a vulnerable position to get hacked.  


Two-factor authentication is a great security strategy to protect your online accounts. Enabling 2FA adds an extra layer of security to your account to prevent hackers from gaining access to valuable data and information. The process of 2FA includes an additional authentication code when you log in to an account that is sent to your phone. This is an effective way of staying safe online in a digital workplace.  

Password Manager  

Having different passwords for all different accounts can be difficult to remember. Using a password manager is the best way to store personal details. Using multiple different passwords increases the security of online accounts whilst storing and remembering these in a password manager.  

Update passwords regularly 

Remembering to update passwords regularly increases the security and safety of your online accounts. Using the same password for years and years increases the chances of hackers being able to identify passwords. Changing particular characters of a password regularly or changing the whole phrase can be an effective way of keeping your passwords secure. You should immediately change passwords if they are ever compromised, preventing continuous access to accounts.  


Staying safe online means practicing cybersecurity strategies such as strong password security. With passwords managers, there is no excuse to have numerous complex passwords across all online accounts to keep hackers away from data breaches. There is no such thing as being too careful when it comes to password security online and in the digital workplace. Regularly changing passwords, enabling two-factor authentication, and storing these strong and unique passwords in a manager are the best precautions to take when staying cyber secure online. Get a strong security strategy in place and keep hackers at bay! Get in touch.

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