Why Your Business Must Be In The Cloud

Is your business in the cloud? Are you aware of why your business MUST be in the cloud? If your business isn’t in the cloud, then you’re missing a trick! With the majority of businesses storing their data in the cloud, it’s definitely something you should jump on. 

Before we jump into the reasons why your business must be in the Cloud, let’s talk about what the cloud actually is as I’m sure a lot of you are wondering! The cloud is an application-based software infrastructure that stores data on remote serves which can be accessed through the internet, anywhere at any time!  

What are the benefits of being in the cloud for your business?  

There are endless benefits of being in the cloud, so let’s jump straight in… 


Ever since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen a HUGE increase in cyber-attacks. Did you know every 39 seconds a cyber-attack happens? Well, storing your data in the cloud will add an extra layer of protection. In the event of a cyber-attack, you will still be able to access your data without losing it as it will be backed up.   


In this day and age, working remotely is the way forward for many businesses. Whether you’re working from home in Ireland, or on the other side of the world in Australia, team members will be able to access data anywhere at any time, resulting in your business being able to be much more flexible. As well as this, Businesses can save money on overhead costs such as offices, etc, as teams can work seamlessly from home. 


By storing your data in the cloud, it allows team members to collaborate effectively as they can access any documents they need in one place, instead of having to go back and forth with each other sending across important data over email documents. Doesn’t this sound ideal? No more wasting time waiting for an employee to get back to you!  

Disaster Recovery  

Another huge benefit of being in the cloud is that you can rest at ease knowing your data is safe and secure. Whether there’s an office fire or a power cut, you can guarantee that your data is safe as it’s stored in the cloud. A disaster could strike at any moment, so this is the perfect way to ensure you’re 100% safe at all times. 

Save Costs 

By making the switch to the cloud, you will be able to save substantial capital costs as it does not need any physical hardware investments. Also, you do not need trained staff to maintain the hardware as this is done by the cloud service provider. 


Is it about time your business makes the switch? With endless benefits, your business needs to be in the cloud! From saving costs to better security, it’s a MUST! For further guidance, schedule a meeting with one of our friendly team members to see how our expertise can help! Whether you have a few questions or are ready to move to the cloud, we’d love to hear from you!  


Through our own built and controlled IT services, you can rest assured your data is safe and secure, while you can have access to it anywhere, anytime.


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