Cyber Security Practices You Must Follow When Returning To The Office

With COVID restrictions gradually easing, and people starting to return to the office part-time, it’s important for businesses to implement best practices for a safe and secure return. As the world of work has been shifted remotely for over a year, there may be many potential vulnerabilities your business could face. Are office devices up to date?  Have you thought about scanning the devices your employees have been using for the past year to ensure they’re not bringing any potential threats into the office? There are many things you must take into consideration beforehand. Are you ready to find out?  

  • Scan Devices 
  • Run all updates 
  • Security Awareness Training 
  • Steady Return 

Scan Devices 

When returning to the office, it’s important to scan all devices! Whether that’s office devices that haven’t been used in over a year or devices your employees have been using when working remotely. You want to ensure your employees aren’t bringing any potential threats into the office. As offices were closed overnight, this didn’t allow much time to ensure it was closed securely. Scanning your office devices will ensure there are no unexpected threats waiting for you on your return. 

Run all updates 

When did you last update your devices? Office spaces for some businesses haven’t been used in over a year, so think about all of the updates that need to be installed! By not updating your devices, you’re missing out on performance updates which can make you vulnerable. Spend some time checking and running all updates on your devices to ensure they’re ready for use!  

Security Awareness Training 

Have your security practices dropped over the past year due to the circumstances we’ve been facing? Well, now’s the time to up your security game! Since the start of the pandemic, we’ve seen a drastic increase in cyber-attacks. Ensuring your employees undergo security awareness training has never been so important! Do your employees know the risk of a cyber threat? Do they know how to spot, stop and prevent a breach? Did you know that 60% of businesses who fall victim to a cyber-attack go out of business within 6 months! Ensuring your staff undergoes regular training will help keep your business safe and secure. 

Steady Return 

Instead of employees returning on the same date, spread the return out as this will reduce IT errors. If all of your employees return on the same date, they’ll be plenty of jobs to carry out, with scanning devices, etc. Set up a procedure to follow when employees return, ensuring their remote working device is scanned, their office device is all up to date, and ensure they’re set up securely.  


Returning to the office isn’t an easy transition, there are many practices you must follow for a safe and secure return! With a huge increase in cyber breaches, it’s super important your business doesn’t miss a thing! Do you have a strong security plan in place? Have you assessed your systems to ensure they’re all up to date and can keep hackers at bay? Whether you have a few questions or are ready to implement a security strategy, we’d love to hear from you! Get in touch with one of our specialists today by calling 1890 48 33 78. 

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