Will we ever resume to normal office hours again in Ireland following COVID? 

The global pandemic we’ve been facing has pushed the world to a halt and has resulted in us finding alternative ways of working without being in the office. Since March, the majority of people were advised to work remotely where it was possible. The question which a lot of people are wondering is will we ever resume to normal office hours again following COVID? The coronavirus pandemic has led businesses to find new ways to work and communicate effectively without having to come into the office. Remote working has become the new norm throughout 2020, but is it here to stay?  

Advanced Technology 

In this day and age, we have access to excellent technology which allows us to work effectively whilst working from home. The use of video technology allows businesses to host conferences, regular team meetings, client meetings, whilst being anywhere in the world without the hassle of traveling. Businesses are re-evaluating the ways of working and finding new and practical ways. To a further extend, we’ve learned that we can host successful virtual events, and live streams! Who would’ve thought?  

Cyber Security  

Since the start of the coronavirus pandemic where we were shifted from working in an office to remotely, 80% of firms have seen an increase in cyberattacks. Ransomware attacks have risen by 148% in March and cloud-based attacks have risen by 630% between January and April 2020. Cyber-attacks are becoming increasingly more common now than ever. Remote working has meant that businesses are becoming less secure with employees working all over and aren’t implementing security practices to help them keep their business safe and secure. Hackers are taking advantage of people during this unknown time.  Phishing attacks have increased by over 600% since the start of Covid19. Did you know a new phishing attack is attempted every 39 seconds?  

The Advantages 

  • Remote working 

The past year has shown us that there are many advantages towards remote working. Remote working allows us to work from the comfort of our home, coffee shops, or anywhere around the world. It saves the hassle of employees spending hours in their day commuting back and forth from work, where they can be using this time effectively and focusing on business duties instead. Remote working reduces outgoing costs for both the business and its employees. Businesses won’t have the expense of office space, and employees can save money from not having to have travel expenses. In addition to this, there will be higher autonomy and fewer office interruptions which will increase employee productivity.  

  • Office working 

A huge benefit of office working is that employees can monitor, supervise and evaluate how employees are doing. They can assist them whenever they need a hand, and offer them the training they may need. When working remotely, employees may start to slack in their work however it will be difficult for employers and supervisors to monitor this whereas they can in an office. Employees will be in a working environment which will allow them to put the best into their work, and be more productive. They will have access to equipment and resources which that may need to carry out the work.  


2020 has taught us all many things, one of them being that remote working is possible and businesses can run and communicate with their team effectively. For some this may be positive, however, for some, it may be negative. A lot of businesses have come to the realisation that if people work effectively from home then they can save outgoing costs on office space, traveling time, and expenses and continue to pursue this new way of working. However, other businesses are finding that remote working isn’t all that it’s cracked up to be and would have a more productive workforce in the office.  

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