What is GoToConnect and Why should you use it? 

What is GoToConnect? 

GoToConnect is a VoIP system powered by Jive, which has a variety of different features from video call, to audio, to text, to much more! It allows you to communicate with others easily and effectively through one seamless application. It is the perfect application to be used within a working environment, enabling you to have conferences with up to 20 individuals.  

What are the features of it? 

GoToConnect has a range of different features that empower your business to grow whilst staying productive and look professional. 

  • VoIP Calling  
  • Cloud PBX 
  • Auto-Attendants 
  • Video Conferencing 
  • Mobile Apps  
  • Call Forwarding 
  • Virtual Voicemail 
  • Ring Groups 
  • Combine Video and Screen Sharing 

How do I use GoToConnect? 

GoToConnect is very straightforward to use. Click here to watch a video illustrating how to use it. 

Why is it better than the competition?  

GoToConnect is one of the most reliable UCaaS platform in the market! The system has a 99.999% uptime service level agreement, which guarantees the system will never be down for more than a handful of minutes each year. 

GoToConnect owns all of their features in their application meaning they don’t leverage 3rd parties for any elements. Their technology is also extremely efficient, requiring up to 50% less bandwidth versus some competition. 

They have their own team of experts who deal with customer service in order to support all their customers’ needs which they have received numerous accolades for. 

GoToConnect has so much to offer for much less than their competitors! Customers pay up to 65% less per user per month without restrictions on functions and features when compared against other leading UCaaS providers in the UK market.  

GoToConnect Vs Zoom 

Firstly, with GoToConnect you pay up to 40% less, per user per month compared to zoom, which is almost half the price! Secondly, you get up to £86 more worth of calls to landlines and mobiles in the UK, per user per month compared to Zoom. GoToConnect allows you to have international calls to 52 countries included as standard which isn’t the same with Zoom. Another feature that GoToConnect has included with standard is its unlimited Call Recording, whereas Zooms standard offer is 1GB per user, then chargers on top. 

GoToConnect Vs BT Cloud Voice 

What are the advantages of GoToConnect compared to BT Cloud Voice? GoToConnect allows customers to download their application on to both mobile and desktop for all users across GoTo, whereas BT Cloud Voice restricts this to only top tiers. In addition to this, all GoTo’s PBX functions and features come included with every user, making it a simple one price plan with no fuss. GoToConnect has world-leading Audio and Video conferencing with collaboration for 100 participants included for every user which isn’t the case with BT Cloud Voice. GoToConnect allows you to have international calls to 52 countries included as standard. Finally, with GoToConnect you pay up to 33% less, per user per month compared to BT Cloud Voice. 

As you can see with both Zoom and BT Cloud Voice there are huge benefits towards using GoToConnect.  

Working remotely and Covid19 

No one could’ve predicted thpast year and covid19, however working from home has allowed businesses to adapt well. GoToConnect is perfect for working from home environment as it enables you to effectively communicate with your staff members. It has everything your business needs to run completely virtually, from the cloud-based business phones (VoIP), to video conferencing and chats. Employees can collaborate seamlessly through a single browser, desktop, or mobile application, to stay productive and connected from anywhere. Co-workers can stay connected and have access to critical data wherever they are in the world. As restrictions are being eased, businesses are reassessing whether staff members need to come into the office or if they can continue to work remotely. By working remotely, staff members are saving time on traveling to work and are able to spend more time working. GoToConnect takes the hassle away and allows colleagues to access everything they need to communicate and get work done. 

Let’s wrap this up… 

As you can see, there a lots advantages towards GoToConnect, and it is a great way to effectively communicate with others with endless amounts of features. If you haven’t got it already, book a call with us today to find out more and take your business communication to the next level.  


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