Cyber Security Tips for your SMB 

2020 has been a rollercoaster of a year to say the least! We’ve seen a huge incline in cyber-attacks resulting in them being bigger than ever! Now more than ever, it’s crucial to understand the different types of attacks and the best cybersecurity practices to put in place to remain safe, secure, and protected. Althougthese practices can’t stop a hacker from trying, it can reduce the risk of anything disastrous happening!  

  • Back-Up Data 
  • Security Awareness Training 
  • Secure your Network 
  • Cyber Security Policies 
  • Limited access to confidential data 
  • Up to date Software 

Back-Up Data 

It’s crucial to always back up your data daily! All businesses should have a disaster recovery and backup plan in place. If anything was to happen to your business such as a human error, or computer malfunction, you will be able to restore your data. The aftermath of not having a backup plan in place could be disastrous!  

Security Awareness Training 

It’s vital for staff to undertake security awareness training. It’s impossible to stay protected from something if you aren’t aware of what it is. By your staff doing so, they will be able to diagnose any potential issues which may arise early on. Time is of the essence during a cyber threat so it’s important to recognise an early sign of a breach. As cyber-attacks are constantly evolving, it’s suggested to have ongoing security awareness training. 

Secure your Network 

Having a secure network helps protect you from spyware and reduces the risk of your business falling a victim to data theft. Monitoring of your network should be in place as it picks up on any unusual actions and will deal with it straight away. Strong authentication codes are advised making it harder for hackers to gain access to your account. In addition to this, anti-virus software should be installed to ensure that your business isn’t a vulnerable target. 

Cyber Security Policies 

By having policies in place, it explains to employees the guidelines and responsibilities they have to follow. It ensures that everyone in the business knows the processes you have to have in place to protect your business. Policies can reduce costs, keep staff trained and aware of any breaches, protect reputation, avoid legal action, safeguard sensitive data, and stay updated. This is a huge element that needs to be included in any organisation. 

Limited access to confidential data 

34% of all breaches are caused by insider threats and 68% of organisations confirm insider attacks are becoming more frequent. In order to reduce the chance of an insider threat occurringonly allow a small number of staff members to have access to confidential data within the business.  

Up to date Software 

Why do I need to keep my software up to date? Software helps keep your data protected, secure, and keep your hackers out. Software updates often include bug fixes, security features, and new features. Many of the most disastrous attacks we’ve seen are due to hackers taking advantage of software vulnerabilities. In addition, software updates can result in you having a better, faster, more efficient experience. 

Let’s round this off… 

Don’t fall short! Do something now before it’s too late! Make sure you implement these practices to help you stay protected from a cyber-attack. Ensure employees are aware of the different types of hacks and how to identify early signs of a breach. With the huge increase of cyber-crime in the past year, you want to ensure your business stays safe and secure. No business is too small to be targeted at by a cyber-criminal! 


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