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Virtualization Services


Virtualization is a term that is in everyone’s vocabulary these days. But what does it mean exactly and how could your business benefit from it?

Virtualization Services is where myItdepartment.ie can help your business. With over 10 years experience in virtualization solutions, we have helped our clients lever the huge benefits from virtualization. We offer our real life experience to you so that you can take advantage of the numerous benefits that VMware / Microsoft / Citrix virtualization technologies have to offer.

No matter where you are based in Ireland our IT engineers can travel to you. We provide technical support in locations including Roscommon, Athlone, Galway, Dublin and Sligo.

 We can help you:
  • Convert critical older physical servers or physical computers seamlessly to virtual machines with little or no downtime.
  • Design and deploy a virtualization infrastructure for your organization with vendor neutral virtualization technologies.
  • Boost performance – by virtualizing your existing 3 yr old server you can give you existing applications a 200% performance increase … with no downtime.
Benefits of Virtualization
  • Deploy Testing Environments for new Deployments.
  • Server Consolidation.
  • Branch Office Consolidation.
  • Hosted Desktop Virtualization (VDI).

Need a low cost, fully redundant, class leading server replacement at a fraction of the cost to replace your Windows server?



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“ I can honestly recommend myITdepartment.ie to any other organization seeking to refine and improve their IT systems.”

David Nestor (DNFS)

Server Virtualization

Our consultants have been working virtualization technologies for over a decade with consultants on staff with VMware, Hyper-V and Citrix expertise.

  • Choosing between VMware and Hyper-V and Citrix (pros, cons, features, functions)
  • Architecting a virtualization hosted environment (server placement, host server sizing, server configuration recommendations)
  • Assessing existing servers and providing and analysis of which servers can be virtualized and which servers are not recommended to be virtualized
  • Identifying server consolidation strategy for not only taking physical server to virtual servers, but also consolidate / eliminate excessive servers
  • Implementing VMware, Citrix or Hyper-V host servers using best practices for tuning and optimization
  • Performing Physical to Virtual (P2V), and Virtual to Virtual (V2V) conversion of servers into virtual quest images
  • Tuning and optimizing virtual guest sessions
  • Implementing host server and guest session redundancy
  • Implementation and best practice training on the use of management components
  • Knowledge transfer training on best practices at managing and administering a virtualized environment.