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IT Services

Are you Looking for an all in one solution for your I.T. Requirements?

At my myITdepartment we have a full range of I.T. services to support businesses big and small.

Through our own built and controlled IT services, you can rest assured that your data is safe and secure, while you have access to it anywhere, anytime. The possibility of being hacked or having your files compromised is a new threat from cyber criminals and that is why security is essential to protect your interests.

With a comprehensive set of services that allow you access to your emails on the go or in the office. A secure place for all your files and a back up so that you can retrieve lost information. The right anti-virus software that keeps your systems safe. And if a disaster does strike then you have a solution to recover your information.

This is all backed up by our team of engineers and customer service representatives to ensure you have your own I.T. department no matter what your business is.

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The “anywhere, anytime” availability of our solutions means hassle-free access to emails for business and employees alike. Simply login using your internet browser on your desktop, laptop or phone.


Let myITdepartment expertly design, create and manage a secure architecture that protects your company from malicious attacks and supports regulatory compliance controls.

Back Ups

Cloud Online Backups / Remote Backup

myITdepartment is currently the only managed online backup solution provider in Ireland that provides rapid secured online data backups every 15 minutes.


myITdepartment engineering team can provide your business with a storage architect to find the most appropriate solution for you. Traditionally we endeavour to find the matching storage requirement for your business and match it with the most cost effective hardware.

Disaster Recover

What’s included in Cloud Office?

Access  your office desktop applications with ease anywhere, anytime.

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