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Back Ups

Your Data is vital to your business.

Whether you are a large or small operation you need a professional Data Backup Service

How can myITdepartment help?

myITdepartment is currently the only managed online backup solution provider in Ireland that provides rapid secured online data backups every 15 minutes.

What does this mean?

All your critical business data is backed up safely. We recover data in seconds from Рaccidental deletion, data corruption and virus attacks.

We provide off site protection from floods, fire, theft or any other unforeseen events.

All these backup services are combined into one easy to implement and affordable solution

In Today’s world we rely on computers to communicate and record all our business transactions. The last thing you need is to lose vital client information. Having a system in place to insure that your information is backed up regularly and securely is essential. With us all data is backed up securely online from local and remote devices regardless of the location.

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