Invoice redirect fraud

Invoice redirect fraud

As cyber Monday approaches and resources are under increased pressure, it is an important time to warn businesses of Invoice redirect fraud. Invoice redirect fraud occurs when Individuals pose as an employee of a legitimate supplier and inform the company that their bank details have changed.

Recognising the supplier, employees often change the details and pay the next invoice to the ‘new’ bank account where the funds are quickly transferred or withdrawn by the criminals. It can often take days for the victim to realise they are scammed. We would advise that any request to change payment details should be followed up with a
confirmation phone call to a known contact in the organisation. Do not reply to the email or contact the supplier through details provided on the email as you may be contacting the fraudster.

Always check email addresses carefully and do not rely on the Display name – this can be easily changed. Furthermore, be extra vigilant of emails from free accounts i.e., Hotmail or Gmail.

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