Online Backup Service

All your critical business data will be backed up safely and securely on our physical servers, in Dublin data centers.

What Makes Our Service Different?

Whatever industry your business is in,  we have the solution for your data back-up. Our software and high level encryption system will ensure that your data has the safest back up available.


Use of CrashPlan software – THE market leader backup software, used by companies such as Google, Bank of America, Cisco, etc.


We provide a far more “hands-on” and personal approach to our clients than other providers. We actually work with the client to establish what is backed up, when it is backed up, etc. Other providers leave this process to the client to put in place themselves, through use of their software – this requires a certain amount of technical knowledge.


448-bit data encryption – military level encryption. Most companies offer 128-bit encryption level – ours is 2.1 x 1096 more secure than 128-bit encryption.


It’s our own service; completely built, maintained, supported and controlled by ourselves – we aren’t a re-seller of a service to our clients. This gives us far greater control and efficiency in relation to support of clients as we aren’t a “middle man” just selling on a service to our clients.

Crash Plan - Our Data Backup Services

Our online backup service provides off-site backup of your data in the event of floods, fire, theft or any other unforeseen events.

Data can be recovered in seconds from issues such as accidental deletion, data corruption and virus attacks.