Cloud Access: Anytime, Anywhere

Increase productivity with easy access to your office applications wherever your are & whenever you want.

Cloud Solutions

Do you want you and your team to stay productive?

Do you and your staff need access to your Desktop from anywhere at anytime?

At myITdepartment we can put your office in the cloud. This means easy access to your office desktop applications from everywhere, all of the time.


BOSCA Secure File Share

BOSCA Secure File Share Service allows users to store, access and share files securely online.

It is Universal file access which is synchronised across stationary and mobile devices.

What makes our service different?


Manage authorisation to files.

Create project groups.

Set expiration dates for 3rd party access.

Monitor team activity.

File Server Enabled (cloud enable your file server for remote access outside the office).

Our Own Service

Completely built, maintained, supported and controlled by myITdepartment.

All data is held at all times on our own physical servers, in Dublin data centers.

Office 2


With our 448-bit Blowfish data encryption, your files and documents are completely secure from hackers and virus attacks.

We completely maintain, support and control this service and can remotely wipe desktops, laptops or other devices, if needed.



Our cloud solutions offer your business the best IT solutions available.